Get Rewarded for Recycling

Ecomarket enables companies reward individuals for recycling and engaging in sustainable activities.

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For Individuals

EcoMarket makes recycling fun and rewarding. To get into the fun;

Set up your profile in under 2 minutes

Choose a sustainable activity to participate in - drop-off recyclables, join cleanup events, etc.

Get rewarded with EcoCredits and climb up the leaderboard

Redeem your EcoCredits for coupons, vouchers or even cash!

Set up your profile in under 2 minutes

For Business

As a brand, going green doesn't have to be a hassle. Set up transparent, circular recycling programs, customized to your needs! 100% verifiable on the blockchain

Get onboarded

Get onboarded

Integrate reward system (coupons, vouchers or cash) via our APIs

Set up sustainable initiatives - be it cashback programs, clean up events, etc.

Track user activity and process rewards automatically.


How we create impact

We create impact through 3 products:


1.EcoMarket App: Compete, earn points and redeem rewards for recycling & other sustainable activities.


2.Africa's first home-built reverse vending machine, allowing people easily recycle in public places.


3.UBI-inspired shared income model incentivizing low-income individuals to participate in eco-friendly activities.


Winner of TRON Hackathon 2023

Ecomarket was recognized by TRON as a promising application for waste management in Africa.


What you can recycle via EcoMarket

Glass bottles
PET bottles
Aluminium can containers
New/used cartons


Gamified EcoMarket

The beating heart of EcoMarket is our gamified app that transforms recycling and sustainability education into an engaging and rewarding experience.

Users earn EcoCredits, our utility token, by engaging in eco-friendly activities - attending cleanup events, depositing plastics through deposit centers or our innovative home-built reverse vending machines, strategically placed in public areas.

EcoCredits can be redeemed for vouchers, airtime, and sometimes even cash. We also have a leaderboard, which fosters healthy competition amongst recyclers.


Reverse Vending Revolution

Introducing Africa's first home-built reverse vending machine, designed to make recycling more accessible to all.

These machines accept plastic deposits, instantly rewarding users with EcoCredits. Our goal is to ensure that the reverse vending machines are low-cost, simple to use, portable and customized to the needs of the local audience, thus encouraging more Africans to make recycling a routine part of their daily lives.


UBI-inspired Shared Income

Our Universal Basic Income (UBI)-inspired shared income model targets residents in low-income neighborhoods, incentivizing their participation in eco-friendly activities.

We'll actively engage with low-income neighborhoods, registering individuals who wish to participate. Each time they dropoff plastics or participate in eco-friendly activities, their engagement is recorded, and they subsequently get SMS alerts confirming their rewards once validated.

In this way, we contribute to a circular economy and empower individuals to contribute to a sustainable future.


Help sustain our world

Take your first step into a greener future and earn rewards along the way

Help sustain our world

Take your first step into a greener future and earn rewards along the way